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How To Get A Cuban Tourist Card or Visa

Americans traveling to Cuba today need three things: a passport, a general license, and a Cuban Tourist Card. Today, we’re going over how to get a Cuban Tourist Card whether you’re traveling from Canada, Mexico, Panama, or the United States.

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5 Things to Know Before You Visit Cuba

Travel to Cuba used to involve going through a lot of red tape because of a number of sanctions on travel imposed during the Cold War era. It’s easier now, but it’ll help to know some of the complexities beforehand to avoid any trouble once you’ve reached Cuba.

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10 Reasons To Visit Croatia Right Now

Beaches, mountains, excellent food from both land and sea... Croatia has it all for the outdoor enthusiast and history buff. What’s your favorite summer activity? You can probably find it in Croatia.

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10 Reasons To Visit Iceland Right Now

The land of fire and ice has attracted travelers for centuries. Located just below the Arctic and only a five hour plane ride from New York City, Iceland is full of delightful surprises.

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5 Things to Bring to Cuba

You’ve booked your plane ticket to Havana, you’ve planned your itinerary and decided where you want to go, and now it’s time to decide what to bring to Cuba!

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Cuban Hidden Gems: Week 2

Looking for the best places to see off the beaten path in Cuba? From dancing to drinks, and so much more. Here is this weeks list of specially chosen hidden gems

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5 Things to Do in Cuba

When looking for things to do in Cuba, look to travel like a local. Cuba is a unique country like you have never experienced before. Here are the best things to do in Cuba for an authentic experience.

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