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A Local's Guide: Things to do in Santiago de Cuba

This city hums with a vibrant Caribbean feel and energy, no doubt you'll be overwhelmed by all the incredible things to do in Santiago de Cuba. Santiago is a Cuban city like no other. Here's the locals' guide on the best things to do when traveling through vibrant Santiago de Cuba.

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6 Dances that Come from Cuba

Cuban dance comes from a mix of Spanish, French, and African musical influences coming together to make something From Mambo to Tango to Salsa to Bolero, I could go on and on. The point is, even if you don't love dance, you need to see at least one performance while you're in Cuba.

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Cuban Food and its Incredible Revolution

While ham sandwiches, rice and beans, and empanadas have been staples for travelers for many years, local Cuban food is on the up and up! Learn how local Cuban food has changed over the last few decades.

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The Ultimate Cuba Travel Guide

These days it is relatively easy for Americans to obtain a Cuba travel guide and venture to this once-forbidden Caribbean island. Heres the step by step process you should follow to plan yourself a fun, safe, and legal trip.

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10 Tips to Travel Off the Beaten Path

Isn't it difficult to travel off the beaten path? No travel secrets exist anymore, right? Au contraire! Put yourself in the right place with your eyes wide open and you'll uncover gems.

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What Can I Bring Back from Cuba?

When you go to Cuba, everyone is going to want you to bring a little something back for them: your mom, your brother, your dog. Okay, maybe Rocky doesn't care if you bring him anything. But I bet you want a souvenir or two. So what can you bring back?

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