About Us

We are a team of passionate trailblazers who love to travel and explore. Since memorable travel experiences come from local experts and immersive activities, we uniquely offer you access to local experts who are passionate, knowledgeable and unbiased. Our Heroes are the best at building complete custom trip plans personalized to your needs. They simply make it effortless. No kickbacks for us mean doing what's right for you, not our commissions. Only with ViaHero can you achieve authenticity in travel planning with the detail and insights for the best itinerary.

Greg Buzulencia

Co-founder, CEO

An avid traveler, his travel highlights are ski mountaineering in Iran, Mongolia and Greenland, plus exploring other hidden corners of the world. In addition to being a travel addict, he has managed to quickly scale several companies including Shoefitr (Amazon acquisition) and YellowJacket Racing. He is dedicated to ensuring every customer of ViaHero benefits from a more meaningful and memorable travel experience.

Rachel Hawkes

Co-founder, Head of Operations

For Rachel, traveling is all about the people. Well, that and the food. An ENFJ, Rachel loves immersing herself in new cultures and forming genuine connections with those she meets. After finishing graduate school, Rachel returned to her home state of New York, where she was responsible for scaling and streamlining Morningside Translation's operational processes across their global offices. She holds a Master of Arts in Linguistics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Boston University.

Michael Benson
Michael Benson

Software Engineer

Michael likes wandering aimlessly around cities and finding the best benches with a view that NYC has to offer.