Become a Hero

Want to turn your local knowledge into extra income?
ViaHero is now accepting applications to become a Hero in Colombia,
Cuba, Japan, Mexico City, and Puerto Rico!

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Travelers will request your trip planning services through our website, and you’ll be connected to them via email. You’ll use our platform to create a unique, personalized guidebook for each traveler, packed with information on where to go, what to do, and how to do it. You’ll arrange drivers, lodging, dinner reservations, and anything else they need, plus create a custom map they can use to navigate to all of your recommendations in an offline app. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools, technology, and training, and you’ll use your local knowledge to help create incredible experiences for travelers.

Your relationship with the traveler is completely digital, and you are not expected to meet up with the traveler in person. If a traveler is interested in having a tour guide for any portion of their trip, you can recommend and arrange one for them, but you yourself are not expected to serve as their guide. Similarly, if a traveler requests your help with transportation, you are not expected to drive them yourself, but should recommend and arrange transportation for them accordingly.

How do I become a Hero?

  • Complete our Hero Application.
  • ViaHero will review your completed application to vet your knowledge of the area.
  • You will be asked to create a sample trip plan.
  • If accepted, we will get you set up on our platform and begin the Hero training process.