Our Mission

Create opportunities for personal growth through travel.

Why ViaHero

We make travel personal.

We don’t believe in a "one-size-fits all" travel experience. With ViaHero, no two travels are the same. Each ViaHero journey is fully curated by a local Hero who shares your common interests. It’s like having a friend plan your trip…who happens to live in the place you are visiting.

We do everything but pack your bags.

ViaHero is so much more than trip planning—it’s a new way to travel independently. You get your personalized guidebook with interactive maps, all travel arrangements secured in advanced, and unlimited correspondence with your Hero to change your plans on the fly. Your journey starts before you even take off—all you have to do is say yes.

We foster a positive impact through travel.

With ViaHero, your money directly benefits the communities in which you travel. Trip planning fees go straight to the Heroes. And because Heroes make recommendations based on the people, places, and things they know best, the benefits of tourism get spread out more evenly within local communities.

Our Values

Be hospitable

We take a personal approach to every interaction. We are a resource for travelers everywhere.

Satiate wanderlust

We're passionate about helping travelers experience new things because we like to do the same.

Raise the bar

We provide a trip planning service that's better than anything out there, allowing for unique, elevated travel experiences.

Build community

We bring the world closer together by connecting locals and travelers and enabling cultural exchange.

Share knowledge

We cultivate trustworthy, local, insider info. We’re mavens who can't wait to share the best things we know.

Enable independence

We provide travelers with the tools, resources and local connections to travel on their own, confidently.