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Spring Is (Almost) Here! Three Spring Festivals We Love

February 25, 2020

The days are still dark and dreary, but there’s an end in sight—spring is right around the corner! We love these three spring festivals, which usher in the season with color (and lots of flowers). 

Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo (March-April)

In the final days of March, Tokyo becomes a city of pink. Between March 25th and April 2nd, the city’s cherry trees reach their peak, which means places like Ueno Park burst into a sea of bright pink cherry blossoms. The celebration of their blooming is called sakura matsuri.

Locals tell us you can bring a picnic lunch. Or, enjoy all the stalls selling classic Tokyo street food, like yakisoba (a noodle stir-fry).

Local Tip:

If you miss the Tokyo festival in March/April, you could try to catch Hokkaido’s peak blooms in early May. 

Cherry Blossom Festival in New York City (April-May)

If it’s too late to book those Tokyo tickets, don’t worry—you can enjoy an abundance of pink cherry blossoms in the heart of New York City. Like in Japan, NYC’s parks transform into paradises of pink as spring sweeps through the city.

Locals tell us you’ll have several different ways to see cherry blossoms. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can enjoy the blooming trees of Central Park. Or, you can pay to visit the impressive display at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Locals note you’ll find more of a festival atmosphere here, with music and activities. 

Local Tip:

You’ll find blooming cherry trees all over the city! Other spots include botanical gardens in Queens and the Bronx. 

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Girona Flower Festival in Spain (May)

The Girona Temps de Flors is an incredible, city-wide, nine-day festival in Spain featuring an outpouring of floral creativity. 

Locals tell us you’ll see flower arrangements everywhere. Flower beds, flowers cascading down walls, careful flower arrangements, and creative floral twists consume Girona. 

An easy day trip from Barcelona, the Girona Flower Festival will add color and beauty to any Spain itinerary.

BONUS: Lavender Festival in France (June-August) 

Lavender in the Provence region of France begins blooming between mid-June and early-July—but can you blame us for already dreaming about summer? 

Locals tell us that the region is full of small villages surrounded by fields of lavender, many of which host their own festivals. These happen at different times! Valensole has its lavender festival in mid-July, whereas Sault’s festival happens in mid-August. 

Summertime in Provence is the perfect time to wander vibrant purple fields, pick up lavender products like soaps, and enjoy exploring charming French villages. 


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