These Are the Bogota Neighborhoods You Need to Check Out

ViaHero · October 18, 2018

Equal parts hipster and historical, Bogota’s neighborhoods are as diverse as they are awesome. Here’s a quick guide to the ones you need to visit—and the ones you should skip. Questions? Drop us a line.

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Neighborhoods you can’t miss

  • Chapinero: Located in the heart of Bogota, Chapinero has become the city’s newest “it” neighborhood. It’s home to dozens of local cafes, markets, and microbreweries as well as the largest LGBTQ+ nightclub in South America. With its eccentric hipster vibe, Chapinero is one of the trendiest places in Colombia.
Bogota neighborhoods in Colombia—Chapinero Alto
  • La Candelaria: Looking for an area that has it all? La Candelaria has you covered. The city’s beating heart, La Candelaria is home to landmarks like Plaza Bolivar and the Gold Museum, alongside a wealth of local cafes, internationally-renowned restaurants, and bumping nightlife. It’s a Bogota highlight you can’t miss.
  • Teusaquillo: In addition to La Candelaria, Teusaquillo is home to some of Bogota’s best graffiti. Don’t worry—the neighborhood isn’t dangerous—Bogota officially decriminalized street art in 2011, and the city is one of the safest in Latin America.
  • Monserrate: The mountain overlooking Bogota, Monserrate is well worth a visit. Climb the stairs or take the lift to the top for a view of the city so unreal that it would make your trip to Colombia worthwhile in and of itself. Just remember: Monserrate is a pickpocketing hotspot, so make sure to educate yourself on some common scams.
  • Usaquen: If Usaquen isn’t already on your to-do list, you need to add it. Full of awesome parks and Bogota’s most famous flea market, Usaquen is often called Bogota’s cutest neighborhood. Easily accessible by Uber, have one of our Heroes make you e a custom map of things to see in the area!
Metrocable in Monserrate Bogota Neighborhoods in Colombia
The Metrocable in Monserrate

Neighborhoods that are safe be in, but without much to do

  • Parque 93: While beautiful, there isn’t much to do in this residential neighborhood. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a pop-up market, but even these are rare. With only one museum, we suggest you skip past this part of Bogota.
  • Zona Rosa: Also known as Zona T, Zona Rosa is known for its awesome nightlife—but during the day, the neighborhood is basically dead.

Neighborhoods you should skip

While Bogota is safe overall, the neighborhoods tend to get sketchier the further out you go. We always recommend getting a local’s recommendation, but on the whole, these neighborhoods are best avoided:

  • Bosa
  • Ciudad Bolívar
  • Kennedy
  • San Cristóbal
  • Usme

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