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Estereo Picnic: The Coachella of Colombia

October 18, 2018

Estereo Picnic—it's like Coachella, only better.

Colombia’s Estereo Picnic music festival is often compared to Coachella, given its multiple stages and variety of food vendors. But EP is about so much more than music; it’s an authentic Colombian experience and a melting pot of culture. Read on to find out more, and reach out with any questions you have about this awesome adventure.

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Musicians come from all over the world to play Estereo

The headliners in 2018 included superstars Lana Del Rey, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, and Gorillaz. Colombia’s own artists were also represented on their home stage including La Vida Bohème from Cartagena, the duo Mougli from Bogota, and guitarist Abelardo Carbonó from Magdalena along with numerous others. Want to get down with all of these musicians? Have one of our travel planners organize a sonic sabbatical just for you.

Estereo Picnic makes Bogota the music hub of Colombia

Estereo Picnic began as a one-day music festival in 2010, showcasing mainly Colombian artists. It takes place annually at Parque Deportivo, a sight that is one you can’t miss in Bogota. In 2013, the event stretched into a multi-day festival and is making Bogota into a major music hub by bringing together musicians from all over the world.

Get down with Estereo Picnic’s multicultural festivities

For the past five years, Estereo has been a three-day extravaganza, with three stages and out-of-this-world light and sound production. Concert-goers can enjoy a variety of music genres, from traditional and modern music to hip-hop, R&B, rock and a mixture of sounds from all over Colombia and Latin America. If you’re a music lover, you have to put E.P. on your Colombian itinerary!

Estereo goes beyond the music

Aside from the bright lights, large stages, and diverse acts, the festival is also filled with local entrepreneurs who inspire festival goers with their crafts and talents. Jewelry, clothes, accessories, design, and artwork are just some of the examples of creativity shown at the festival. The festival also has a ball pit, giant bean bags, and green spaces to dance and dine. There’s even a “consciousness area” dedicated to NGOs working for social and environmental causes!

Eat and drink your way through the festival

It’s called Estereo Picnic for a reason. For foodies, the variety of grub is a highlight of this event. Bogota’s own Le which serves cones of fries along with sausages and wings, is a vendor you can only find in Bogota or at Estereo. Don Julio Tequila and Santa Rita Wine are also served for concert-goers. For those that want to recharge, Café de las Letras Express keeps the Colombian coffee flowing. If you have a sweet tooth, Sosas Cheesecake Bar and Mistral artisan bakery will definitely hit the spot!

It’s about the same price as most music festivals

Tickets to Estereo Picnic aren’t the cheapest, but it just might be one of the best things to do in Colombia. General admission tickets for all three days are about $550 while single-day tickets are about $275 a pop. VIP tickets for a single day cost about $515 while the three-day VIP combo will run you over $1,250.

The VIP packages include access to premium restaurants and bars, a good viewing spot to watch the acts, a spa area, and an exclusive closing party. If you want to attend Estereo in style, get in touch with one of our travel experts to plan a luxurious concert getaway.

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