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Do You Need a Visa to Visit Colombia?

Updated November 16, 2020

The secret's out: Colombia is South America’s hottest travel destination. From white sand beaches to old-world cosmopolitan charm, Colombia has something for everyone

So—how easy is it to travel there? Do you need a visa to visit Colombia?

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You don’t need to get a visa in advance

If you hold an American passport, you do not need to apply for a visa. Upon entering the country, you’ll simply be asked to show your passport and return ticket; if both are in order, you’ll have up to 90 days to experience Colombia’s bounty of charms on a standard tourist visa. The same rules apply to those holding British, Australian, Irish, and Canadian passports (among many others). Find out if your passport qualifies here.

You can double your tourist visa

Whether it’s the food, the nightlife, or just the warmth of the Colombian people, nearly everyone who travels to Colombia falls head-over-heels in love. So if you need more than 90 days to live out your Colombian fantasy, rest easy: before your visa expires, you can actually request an extension from the Colombian Immigration Authority for another 90 days! But beware: if you overstay your visa, you can face a fineand won’t be able to leave the country until it’s paid.

All you need to pay is your airport fee

When leaving Colombia, the only administrative fee you’ll have to pay is an airport tax. While the price changes every year, this tax (currently around $38) is charged to every passenger for use of Colombia’s airport facilities. Don’t worry thoughit’s only charged if you stay in the country for 60 days or longer, and most major airlines automatically include it the ticket price. Besides, Colombia’s fantastic exchange rate more than makes up for it!


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