Is There Uber in Colombia? A Complete Guide

Updated January 13, 2020

Is there Uber in Colombia? Until January 2020 the answer was a tentative yes—but after years of operating with a quasi-legal status, Uber is officially leaving Colombia as of January 31, 2020. Don't worry! Our Colombian locals tell us that you'll still have plenty of transportation options. 

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What's the deal with Uber in Colombia?

For the last several years, you could use Uber in Colombia—even though the service was technically illegal. Despite the ambiguity, it remained a popular choice for many people. 

However, as of January 31, 2020, Uber has been kicked out of Colombia. What does that mean for you? Locals in Colombia tell us not to worry. The country offers plenty of other transportation options. 

You can take taxis. But keep these things in mind.

If you're hoping to get from A to B in a flash, then here's some good news. Colombia is full of taxis! However, there are a couple of things you should know about taking taxis in Colombia. Locals advise that cabs in Colombia:

  • Can be expensive 
  • Your driver might not speak English
  • As a non-local, you may get overcharged (so ask for an estimate before getting in)

In big cities, you can use public transit

Cities like Medellin are world-renowned for their public transit. The Medellin metro is clean, safe, and efficient—and a good option for budget travelers who are looking to skip the taxi fare.

If you're looking for specific instructions on how to use the immense network of buses in Bogota or how to get around Cartagena, benefit from local advice. Our trip planners in Colombia will provide detailed instructions on how to use public transit in their hometowns. And they'll recommend the best method of transportation for how you need to travel. 

Local tipPublic buses are a good and generally safe way to get around in Colombia. But keep an eye on your belongings and make sure you account for the extra time it may take to travel between places via bus.

Colombia offers other forms of transportation 

If you plan to get off the beaten path in Colombia, we applaud you! And locals tell us you'll still have plenty of transportation options no matter which places you're visiting in Colombia

  • Colectivos: A small, shared bus for up to 15 people. Cheap, slow-moving, and not as consistent as a bus
  • Motor taxis: Like a taxi, but on a motorbike. Locals say this isn't advisable if you have a lot of luggage or a big group of people.
  • Willys: A sort of jeep option that you may find outside of bigger cities

When in doubt, ask a local

Even without Uber, you'll find plenty of ways to get around in Colombia. This is great news because there are so many amazing places to visit!

But we get that it can be overwhelming. So why not ask the people who know best? Our trip planners are Colombian locals. They know the best ways to get around their hometown. And when you work with one to build your trip, they'll be sure to provide detailed instructions on how to get from A to B. Before long, you'll be navigating Colombia like a local—not a tourist. Why see it any other way?


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