Is There Uber in Colombia? A Complete Guide

Is There Uber in Colombia? A Complete Guide

ViaHero · Updated October 31, 2019

Is there Uber in Colombia? Yes—but the real answer is more complicated. For starters, Uber is not exactly legal there. Here's everything you need to know about using Uber in Colombia: 

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Uber is technically illegal in Colombia—but everyone still uses it 

And we mean everyone. Though its presence in Colombia has caused some backlash from taxi drivers, (hence the reason the service is technically "illegal") locals tell us that Uber is popular nonetheless. 

(Don't take it from us—connect with someone who actually lives in Colombia. They can explain the Uber situation—how they use it, alternatives, etc.—like only a local can.)

You can hail an Uber in Colombia's major cities

Uber is widely accessible in two dozen cities throughout Colombia. (However, it is less available in more remote areas.) This includes Colombia's major hubs—Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena, among others. If you’re traveling further off the beaten path, locals recommend checking to see if Uber is available at your destination.

Use UberENGLISH for an English-speaking driver

You can select this option when ordering a car in a non-English-speaking country. Only slightly more expensive than a normal Uber ride, this choice ensures that you'll be able to communicate with your driver clearly and easily. You can access this feature within the main Uber app. 

UberBLACK is more common than UberX

Because Uber is technically illegal, many drivers operate black town cars rather than their own vehicles. The reason? They look like any other taxi and lower the risk of being pulled over.

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Calling an Uber is generally safer than taking a taxi

Uber is a good way to get around Colombia without having to worry about safety. Because all Uber drivers are required to get a background check, grabbing an Uber dramatically cuts down on the risk of scams and theft

You can take it to and from the airport, but it's not your only option

Locals tell us that lots of people take Uber to and from the airport in Colombia, but it's not your only option. You can also book transportation in advance with websites like GetYourGuide.

Using Uber in Colombia is an inexpensive transit option

Uber prices are commensurate with the economy of whatever country it operates in. That means in Colombia, rides—even with UberBLACK—won't break the bank. Just another reason Colombia is an awesome place to visit.


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