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If You Didn't Go to Tayrona, You Didn't Really Go to Colombia

October 21, 2018

White sand beaches. Secluded ocean coves. Lush jungle. Crashing waterfalls. Mountains peaks. Tayrona is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. And if you don’t go to Tayrona, then you didn’t really go to Colombia. Find out why.

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Tayrona is bonkers amazing and easily accessible

If you’re going to Colombia, odds are strong you’re going to Cartagena. And if you’re going to Cartagena, then you really need to find your way to Tayrona National Park. Why? Because it’s bonkers amazing. The best part? It’s only a half-hour drive from Santa Marta and easily accessible from Cartagena by bus or Uber.

Tayrona Colombia sunset on the beach

The flora and fauna are unlike anywhere else in the world

If Cartagena doesn’t have enough to see (though that's probably impossible), the natural world of Tayrona will blow your mind. In addition to its tropical jungles, the park is home to literally thousands of species of wildlife—including jaguars, giant anteaters, sloths, and armadillos.

From snorkeling to hiking, Tayrona has it all

Scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, just laying on the beach… there’s so much to do in Tayrona we could go on forever. Wanna hike the ruins of a Lost City? Tayrona. Wanna see toucans in their natural habitat? Tayrona. Swimming with sea turtles? Tayrona. Hanging with indigenous Colombians? You guessed it. Just have a Hero plan your trip already!

The beaches will break your Instagram

With white sand, swooping mountains, wide bays, and hidden coves, Tayrona’s beaches are natural wonders in themselves. We know you’re gonna want to Instagram every highlight. But remember—even though it’s one of the best places in Colombia, there isn’t any internet access within the park!

Tayrona Colombia colorful sunrise on the beach

Spend the night since you got options 

There’s so much to see and do in Tayrona, staying overnight is usually a better option than visiting on a day trip from Cartagena. As far as sleeping is concerned, you can always rent a tent or hammock from the park and stay at a campsite. Or if you want something more luxurious, there are a number of hotels in and around the park. Plus, staying in a hotel means you swimming on private beaches—usually, a good idea as the tides can be too rough in the park’s unpatrolled waters.

The park is safe and cheap

If you’re traveling with family, going with friends or even heading out alone, going to Tayrona is absolutely worth it. The park is patrolled regularly, keeping it safe and secure. Plus, the entrance fee is super low (about $15 USD per person), so money isn’t really a concern. Basically, you kinda have to add Tayrona to your Colombia itinerary.

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