Great food and contemporary art are two things that bring me joy in life, and Bogotá has plenty of both to offer! I believe the best way to get to know a place, its culture and its history, is to explore it with locals who know the area and will be able to show you the most interesting places.

I've been traveling since I left school - it's something I knew I wanted to do from a young age. I fell in love with Latin America and have lived in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, and visited Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba and Panama.

My favourite coffee shop is La Catación Pública in Usaquén. There are many different ways of preparing coffee, and the baristas will be able to choose the perfect one for you. It's also the only coffee shop in Bogotá to serve caramelized coffee cherries to eat with your coffee; a divine combination!

I enjoy planning trips involving art (especially street art or contemporary art), food (street food and gourmet cuisine), museums, walking tours and day-trips outside of Bogotá.

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