The combination of experiences, what you like and how you see the world make every person unique in their own way. We all perceive things differently. For example, seeing a beautiful landscape or pink sunset sky over the sea with colorful fluffy clouds reflected in the water can make me happy and amaze me while for somebody else it can be of no interest at all. Many other things make me happy too - travelling, good food and wine, sports, playing the piano and accordion, hobbies such as painting, knitting, Photography... and I am always open to try something new.

The cliche "Travel broadens your horizons" is so true! Meeting new people, trying delicious food, seeing and experiencing new things - travelling gives you all these! That is why I started discovering different places in the world for pleasure more actively 10 years ago. Being a passionate photographer also allowed me to capture many cultures and environments to preserve the memories.

Travelling is always fun no matter if it is a solo trip, family or group. There are always things to do and explore. If time is limited even short weekend getaways should be considered. I enjoy finding good restaurants and when the budget allows it fine dining experience is my preferable. Specific activities that can be found in the area - it could be dancing classes, paragliding, horse riding, taking the cable cars to go to the mountain, visiting museums, shopping centers etc.

Are there chocolate lovers? If so and you are planning a trip to Medellin there is a place for you to go. The Chocolate House offers delicious chocolate temptations - cakes, brownies, waffles, small chocolate bars that can be personalised to take away as a perfect gift. There is a section in the menu with gluten and sugar free desserts. Breakfast and sandwiches are also available for the very hungry ones. Upon request they can make decoration to celebrate special occasions.