My life philosophy is about creating experiences over collecting material things. My exploration of a new city includes going on walking excursions, seeking out new things to do, the best restaurants, trying the local street food, checking out the graffiti art, grabbing a craft beer, and doing something active.

I started writing for an ex-pat travel magazine in Daegu South Korea, whilst teaching ESL. My articles provided practical information on day trips, things to do in the city and the best places to eat. When I moved to Medellin, Colombia, I started to do the same for a travel blog here.

In the heart of Medellin, there is a 7-mile paved hiking trail called the Camino De La Vida (Path of Life) that winds up the mountain slope to the hilltop of Cerro Pan De Azucar (Sugar Loaf). From the top, you can take in spectacular views of the city. It's one of the best things to do in Medellin but very few travelers know about it.

I have a wide variety of personal interests, so I'm happy to suggest travel plans based on a person or groups' interest. However, I'm most knowledgeable about best places to walk and sight-see, street food, coffee, craft beer, hiking, fine dining, and hidden gems off the tourist trail.