I've had the opportunity to travel through the 5 continents, living as well in Asia and Africa. We live in a farm, grow our food, and live in constant search of a balanced way of life. I am an anthropologist, and enjoy talking with people, appreciating the richness in culture, which, as you travel to Colombia, will amuse you.

I've traveled all over since I was young. Later in life I did my first long trip, three months to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. And travel just got me.. when I was 19 I went to a Kibbutz in Israel, which lead me to discover India, and since then I have been traveling, I love it!

Siecha Lakes, this sacred mountain lagoons are at the most beautiful setting, in a paramo a couple of hours away from Bogotá. The silence of this mountain, the uniqueness of the paramo, the stunning views are amazing.

Unique experiences of connection. Places where travelers and hosts engage in cultural exchange, and forge wellbeing for both.

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