I work as a trip advisor, producer and artist. I inherited the passion for traveling from my mom who would take us to explore Colombia even when times were rough. Over the years, we got better at planning, and finding moments of connection with landscapes and people, and that's what I look for when I travel; I read a lot about my destination’s history and cultural heritage.

I used to work as an executive producer for events for Hong Kong officers in Latin America. It wasn't until I started working on cultural heritage in Colombia that I learned so much more about my country that I decided to work directly with tourism, as a way to keep learning and to share all the things Colombia has to offer.

Paramo de Oceta. It's a wetland ecosystems unique to high altitudes in the tropics, covered by frailejones, fluffy trees that grow very slow, What is special in Oceta is that these trees are naturally protected from the wind so they are much taller than the usual - about 3 meters long. It's becoming more popular, but still as magical.

I love planning hikes and cycling journeys, Colombia has the best mountains to enjoy several ecosystems in one hiking day, you can go up to paramos and even snow peaks. I also enjoy planning city sightseeing that mixes the major attractions with a museum and some local spots that are not so popular but quite special.

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