By day, I design and teach others how to create and tend to their gardens! I'm an adventurous traveler, a free-spirit, creative, and energetic with a desire to live fully. I've had so many magical experiences in Colombia from Guajira, Santa Marta, Chocó to the Amazon. I'm excited to share all that this wonderful country has to offer.

I’ve always loved to travel, discovering new places and different cultures! I believe traveling helps us understand ourselves better, and truly helps people connect with the world around us on a deeper level.

The Playa Bonita Hotel between Santa Marta and Palomino. lt's a magical place to meditate, watch the ocean waves, sunsets, and palm trees; it’s peaceful and a great place to spend time connecting with yourself.

My areas of expertise surround outdoor activities like off the beaten-path excursions, extreme sports and hiking; also unique architecture, dance classes and places to dance rumba at night, artisan’s workshops, and knowing the best areas for ultimate relaxation!

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