Discovering hidden gems and walking the non turisty streets of a city is my number one goal when I travel. Eating like a local has taken me to places that a tourist will never find. Asking people for history and stories is my passion. And there's no better conversation but the one you have with a cup of good coffee!

From the moment I got my passport I started travelling and going on trips more frequently. So people started asking me questions about places and budgets and recommendations. Then I knew I was made to travel.

Best Ajiaco in Bogotá. It's a place that only locals go to enjoy the traditional soup with original flavor and ingredients, served in traditional plates with the typical sides, rice, avocado, cream and banana. You can see the pots where it's cooked. Definitely a hidden gem right in the heart of Bogotá, in La Candelaria.

Mostly activities that get you involved with history, culture and those stories that only locals can tell you. Eating, walking, visiting museums. And outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling (I love cycling!) and extreme sports.

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