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Get a Cuba Visa Online Right Now

ViaHero · March 21, 2018

Traveling to Cuba? You probably need a tourist visa. Well, don’t worry, getting one is as simple as filling in a little information and paying for the visa. Keep reading to find out how to get a Cuba visa online; once you give the article a read, feel free to message us any questions you still have.

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Why You Need A Cuba Visa/Tourist Card

Americans can’t travel to Cuba for tourism but still require a tourist card when traveling to Cuba. Why? Because that’s the document that the Cuban government requires of travelers from nearly every country in the world.

The US government requires all American travelers to choose a travel category to prove that they are not traveling for tourism but are instead traveling to learn about Cuba and interact with the Cuban people. The travel category is self-reporting and most trips fit under the support for the Cuban people category.

The Cuba visa/tourist card is completely different. It’s a piece of paper that you must purchase in advance and fill out in order to be allowed to enter Cuba, and you must keep it to show upon departure from Cuba as well. The paper is pink if you are traveling from the US to Cuba, but it’s green if you are traveling from anywhere else.

The Cuba visa/tourist card shows information like your name, travel dates, passport number, etc., so that officials can keep track of your time in Cuba.

tourist in cuba visa

Where to Get a Cuba Visa Online

Several airlines will sell you the Cuba visa/tourist card at the airport right before you depart. But if your airline doesn’t or you simply need to have the paper in hand sooner for your own peace of mind, online ordering is the way to go. The following services offer the Cuba visa online:

Cuba Visa Services

Visa Cuba

Cuba Visas

Passports and Visas

Some airlines also have an online offer. Learn more about those possibilities in ViaHero’s articles about Cuba visas by airline:


American Airlines



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