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Cuban Hidden Gems: What to Do from Monday to Thursday

Updated September 6, 2023

Looking for the best places to see off the beaten path in Cuba? From dancing to drinks, and so much more, here are some favorites. Once you give the article a read feel free to contact us with any questions you have about Cuba's unique gems.

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Here is this week's list of specially chosen hidden gems:

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Cafe Habanera

LAND OF THE $1 burger! Cubans all tell me this is the best hamburger spot in Havana. Well, lower your foreigner expectations and you’ll be quite happy. A hamburger costs a little over a dollar and it's surprisingly delicious as long as you don’t dwell too long on thinking what the burger is made of. It closes in the late afternoon, so it's really only for lunch. Prices listed are in Moneda Nacional!

Burgers in Cafe Habanera are a Cuban hidden gem


Sia Kara Cafe

An awesome bar behind Capitolio, on the way to Barrio Chino. It's pretty Bohemian and cozy with pillows and couches to chill on. Super chill vibe, and is equally great for low-key daytime or nighttime chilling. Also a great date spot!


La Gruta

Wednesday is the night to go if you want to dance salsa. It’s a mixed crowd (Cubans and foreigners) but also LOTS of . If you are just going to dance you will definitely have fun. Usually costs 3 pesos to enter. Saturday nights are a more Cuban crowd and its pretty much only reggaeton. If you're going with friends, it's literally cheaper to buy a bottle and table than to just buy individual drinks. Ah, Cuba and your cheap and delicious rum!

Salsa in La Gruta is a Cuban hidden gem


La Fabrica De Cerveza

It's one of the cafes in the Plaza Vieja - touristy as all hell, but it is a good weekday spot for live music and some tall necks of beer. And sometimes you just want to sit in a plaza and be a tourist and drink expensive beer.


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