Cuba Hurricane Recovery

ViaHero · October 18, 2018

As Cubans recover from Hurricane Irma, which hit the North Central part of the island in early September, there have been many accounts of both the damage and the recovery process from locals within Cuba. Here’s an update on the recovery. Updates will continue as time progresses.Here’s a map showing the severity of the damage in Cuba. Once you give the article a read feel free to message us directly with any questions you still have. 

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When will it be safe to travel to…

Havana - Now

Viñales - Now

Pinar del Rio - Now

Cienfuegos - Now

Trinidad - Now

Santiago - Now

Varadero - Now

Baracoa - Now

Holguin - Now

Camaguey - Now

Northern Keys (Cayos) - Now

havana cuba

More details

Areas that are safe now (January 4, 2018)

It is safe to book travel to Cuba at this time. There are no areas that you need to avoid. Cuba has recovered quickly from the hurricane and while there may still be noticeable impacts in some places, it is safe to travel to Cuba.


Havana has been back to normal since early October. Most of the infrastructure was easy to repair and Havana made a very quick recovery. 

Outlying areas

Matanzas, Varadero, and the Northern Keys (Cayos) were all directly hit by Hurricane Irma. They suffered significant damage from both flooding and winds, but the cleanup efforts have gone well and businesses are ready for travelers. 

beach in cuba hurricane irma

Donating to the recovery

If you’d like to donate to the Hurricane Irma recovery effort, ViaHero has supported the Friends of Caritas Cubana. If you’d like to join ViaHero in donating to the recovery effort, visit the Friends of Caritas Cubana site. 

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