7 Fun Support for the Cuban People Activities

ViaHero · March 21, 2018

Yes, Americans can still travel to Cuba independently, but only under 11 specific travel categories. One of the broadest is “Support for the Cuban People.” Under this category, travelers are required to keep a full-time schedule of support the Cuban people activities. For more details on the category, visit our article on travel to Cuba with the Support for the Cuban People category. And keep reading for seven Support for the Cuban People activities; once you do, feel free to message us with questions you might have.

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Support the Arts

Admire the mosaics at Fusterlandia. Artist Jose Fuster took inspiration from Gaudi and Brancusi and transformed his neighborhood of Jaimanitas into a beautiful work of art. His work covers fountains, bus stops, offices, and more throughout the neighborhood. You can buy his work and the work of other artists when you visit.

Chat Up the Locals

Stay in casa particulares and spend time with your hosts.  Casa particulares are rooms privately rented out by locals in their homes. Most hosts love chatting with their guests during breakfast or over a cup of coffee. Take advantage of this opportunity to get the inside scoop on Cuba.

chat up locals support the cuban people activities

Eat at Privately Owned Places

Eat meals at paladares. A few years ago, the Cuban government allowed citizens to start opening their own private restaurants called paladares. Eating at these directly supports Cuban entrepreneurs. Plus, some of the most exciting food in Cuba is being cooked in paladares: win-win. Ask one of our Heroes to give you some recommendations for the best ones based on what you like to eat when you travel.

Learn About Popular Cuban Products

Learn how cigars are made in Viñales. The Viñales Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in Cuba. It’s filled with tobacco plantations and you can even visit some of them to learn how cigars are made, from tobacco plant to ready-to-smoke.  

Enjoy Music and Dance

Take dancing lessons from a local instructor. Want to learn how to salsa? Rumba? Mambo? Instructors often offer introductory classes that can fit into a traveler’s schedule. You’ll probably have the most options in Havana, but you can find classes throughout the island. Our Cuban travel experts can help you find an awesome class.

dancers cuba support for the cuban people activities

Explore the Great Outdoors

Go birding at La Belén in the Sierra del Chorrillo Mountains. This reserve is just outside of Camagüey and home to species like the Cuban parakeet and zunzún. Get a local guide (our Cuban Heroes can help you find one) to help you spot them and teach you about the area.

Check Out Some Museums

Visit the Casa del Cacao in Baracoa. This small city is now the center of chocolate production in Cuba. Visit the museum at Casa del Cacao to learn all about chocolate production in the area. Finish off your visit with a stop at the cafe for a luscious cup of cold chocolate.

Get Even More Ideas for Support the Cuban People Activities

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