When I travel, I want 3 things: to eat well, rest in a good bed after a long day of walking, and have a lot of fun getting to know new places and people. A journalist by day, I can help you to find these and more in my beautiful island in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

I've been traveling since I was 14 for scholar trips. In college, I studied and traveled abroad, and 3 years ago, traveled all of Cuba! During 11 days, I had the chance to discover the rest of the island. Almost a year working with ViaHero helped me to transform all those experiences into knowledge to help others to travel confidently as I have.

Restaurant Mesón del Príncipe is still a hidden gem in Camagüey, It's not easy to find since it's located in an alley without cultural interest, but close to one of the main squares in the city. Go there for drinks, a rest after a long walk, and for good traditional music before all the night movement begins. They have the best Piña Colada in Cuba.

I especially enjoy planning for restaurants, museums and arts, music venues, beaches and walking old cities experiences.

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