I am Davied, I was born and I grew up in Cienfuegos, a small beautiful city located in the south center of Cuba, and in my 31 years I have been: Athlete (martial arts, baseball) financier, percussionist, singer, salesman, tour guide, backpacker, traveler, accommodation manager and freelance worker as a travel planner in Cuba. Now I dedicate myself to helping inspire people in the world to do the things they love and do them now!!

I've gotten a lot of experience through showing friends the ins and outs of Cuba. During the last years I have traveled a great part of Cuba. I have explored from Pinar del Rio, the green city, to Santiago de Cuba, the city of fire, including the special municipality Isla de La Juventud. I hope to continue exploring and knowing every corner of this beautiful Island, which I will always love. And then meet every corner of the world!

Palo y Piedra (Wood and Stone) is a community and sociocultural project located on the coast of the bay of Cienfuegos. This man has done great things for that community based on permaculture and recycling helped by children and youth of the community.

I enjoy planning all types of cultural and recreational activities!

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