Life is a great adventure that is always about to begin. I enjoy meeting new people, trying new food, discovering music, and learning from every experience. Every time I travel, I like to feel me in contact with nature, the city, the people around, going to music festivals, art exhibitions, finding amazing landscapes.

I've loved to travel since I was a kid, it’s something I need to do, and always a pleasure to help others have an amazing experience.

La Casa de Elida, it's located in Topes de Collantes. The drinks are unique, using the fruit of the "dillenia" a tree (originally from India) that only grows in this region of Cuba. The place looks like a traditional Cuban house of the country side, surrounded by mountains, amazing landscapes and nature.

I like to combine both city and nature- walking, live music concerts, interacting with people, going to night clubs and dancing, a cup of coffee in the morning, the mountains, the trees.

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