I like sugarless coffee although I live in "sugar land". I love to communicate and I'm passionate about languages, art and literature. I dance more than I like dancing. My best friend is my guitar. For me traveling is the only authentic way to experience knowledge: I learned more about Cuba and myself. I can always give you an alternative.

I traveled a lot in Cuba when I started my career as a musician. After finishing my bachelor's degree in the University I had the opportunity to start traveling out of Cuba. I got involved with some travelers and backpackers groups on FB and then I started doing free tours around Havana and other projects helping visitors coming to see Cuba.

Since I was a teenager I traveled every year to Canasí, a forgotten fishing village located in the province of Mayabeque. It is possible to see the beautiful mountains of the north coast of the province, the sea and the river mouth. There is nothing to buy in this area: every traveler needs to charge with food and water.

I definitely do not have a preference regarding to travel. I think it is always a question of temporary feeling and the needing to experience something new. I would like to organize experiences in relation to the latest Cuban phenomenons: private entrepreneurship, fashion, private art studios, tattoo galleries, private live concerts...

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