I love Cuban culture and I enjoy sharing what I know about my country with the visitors. My degree in Art History provides me with knowledge about visual arts, architecture, urbanism, music, cinema, religions, and much more. I'm pretty involved in the night scene here, such as art shows, bars, festivals… I also can provide out of the beaten path activities like outdoor hiking, climbing, zip line, and bike tours. I love to work in every single detail on my guidebooks, to include a lot of pics for the client to realize what place I am recommending. I love to create a mix between traditions and new experiences!

I started planning after a friend of mine asked me to prepare an Itinerary for his parents. They love it and I discover that I love to do it!

My favorite hidden gem is El Salto del Caburní, an amazing waterfall inside Topes de Collantes Mountain, near to Trinidad. This is an astonishing place for being in touch with the nature. You can hear every single sound and become one with the environment.

Everything related to art, history and architecture. The nature is also very important for me so I can recommend amazing spots with beautiful landscapes. I am involved in the cultural scene here for that reason I can provide information of this exciting events.

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