When I travel, I make it to be a unique experience. Every single place, even the simplest one, has its history, energy, magic and mystery. Meeting that history, feeling that energy, and also being overwhelmed by both those magic and mystery keep us young forever. Then why not share this excitement with all those yearning for a similar emotion? Sharing — as long as it is good memories — is an act of love. There is nothing like hearing: "Thanks a million. I felt it too."

I have two friends in Houston, Texas — I had to plan their visit to Cuba twice and be in charge of getting everything they might need. I found it very pleasant!

Thermonuclear power plant! Located in a very solitary area near Cienfuegos coastline, this non-completed engineering project counts on the ruins of what would be a huge thermo nuclear reactor intended for the power supply for our island.

Outdoors and dancing mostly. Once you set feet on the island, music and joy are found almost everywhere.

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