I'm a world wanderer, a Cuban speleologist, a nature lover and conservationist. The best places to climb, trek, scuba dive or take a paragliding fly are known to me. Proud of my heritage, I love sharing my culture, my vision as a young person and our shared challenges and dreams.

I'm the General Coordinator of a local sustainable development project in Sierra del Rosario mountains. I identified sustainable tourism as a suitable way to bring attention and prosperity to this isolated mountain region, trusting and proving that the potentialities of the area can attract thousands of sports enthusiast and nature lovers.

The Sierra del Rosario Mountains have been my second home for a decade. This is an unspoiled area where it is easy to enjoy mountain travel itineraries in which adventure, adrenaline and the enjoyment of the nature will go hand in hand to make an unforgettable day. Caves, waterfalls, canyons, climbing rock walls and rivers await to be explored.

I spend my free time planning travels to enjoy nature and adrenaline (rock climbing, trekking, speleology, paragliding). Nevertheless, I also enjoy the city nighlife, the good places to have a great Cuban dinner, and the hidden stories of my Havana. I'm ready to guide you through an authentic, adventurous, astonishing Cuba.

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