I'm 100% Cuban and proud of it! I like to tell untold stories about the island and show it just as is! I know the entire country inside and out, including how to enjoy the outdoors. I will show you how Cuba locals live.

I was a former guide and worked for Havanatur, one of the top travel agencies in the island. through this work I traveled all over the island, learning what different types of travelers wanted and ensuring they got to experience the real Cuba.

The patio inside the Palacio Del Marques De San Felipe Y Santiago de Bejucal in Havana. It has the coziest and most informal cafeteria, where you can enjoy dishes and delicious Cuban sandwiches. I think it is the atmosphere inside that makes everything perfect, no matter what you eat or drink, and most importantly service is very personalized.

I enjoy planning trips relating to locals' lives, their habits, culture, and way of life. I love getting outside, and plan trips so you know how to enjoy the outdoors in Cuba, and can come away with an understanding of local arts, history, dance, music, finding the true hidden gems.

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