Traveling and visiting new places is my favorite hobby, especially enjoying the blossoming food scene here in Cuba. So, planning your trip will be not only a commitment but also a pleasure. Discover my world!

I was born in Camaguey. I studied in Villa Clara, and now live and work in Havana. I have traveled all over the country, and have friends in almost every province. I have worked as a tour guide here in Havana. Traveling, discovering new places and experiencing new emotions is my favorite hobby. I can definitely say that I am a journey woman.

Viñales; its quietness, natural beauty, its hills and tobacco plantations, You can enjoy horseback riding, amazing meals at the Finca Agroecológica (Agro ecologic Farm ), one of the largest cave systems in Latin America: Santo Tomás. This is paradise, a place where you can be in direct contact with nature and with yourself, friends or relatives.

I like to plan all kind of trips to help others know part of my culture and Cuba idiosyncrasies . Especially family trips, where families can have fun, learn, share and spend time with Cubans, our history, our roots and life.

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