I’ve been a project manager for 10 years in the culture, music, and engineering industries. I love being able to show people the vibrant everyday life of Cuba, and our cultural dynamics. I enjoy enlightening travelers and showing them my own point of view about my country. But I also love to dance, it is both my forte and therapy.

Some friends and I were asked to help plan an anthropology field school for university students. The intensive five week program required extensive planning of all aspects of travel. After this, opportunities kept coming my way through connections!

The HAPE parties in Havana! At a different location every month, these parties are scheduled with the top DJs and up and coming musicians and filled with beautiful people that go there to both appreciate and support the new local music, and dance the night away.

Planning personal trips for the travelers with small budgets and a desire to discover Cuban street life, music and nightlife. I like to reveal the underground Cuban scene with all its particularities as this is the best way to open your eyes to a new perspective of another culture.

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