I am full of energy all the time. I really love to meet people, show them my culture and traditions, and share my experiences as a young Cuban girl and my knowledge of my beautiful country.

While working as a PR at a wonderful shop, Clandestina, someone I knew there invited me to work with him at his Travel Agency, and the rest is history.

There's a place near Matanzas that is my paradise, it is called Canasi. I adore it because it is a place where there's only sea and a small fishing village. It is an authentic place where you can enjoy natural beauty, but above all, it is a fascinating place to breathe fresh air, relax, fish, dive, swim, cook and share with very good friends.

Anything that has to do with music, art, good Cuban coffee (because it always gives you the opportunity to meet more people), fun (dancing, parties, friends, beaches) and the opportunity to show the places in Cuba that not everybody knows about.

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