I'm naturally curious, I enjoy walking the corners and streets of the city. I love music, but to dance renews my energy. I would like the world to meet with the real Cubans, who laugh and love life this beautiful island.

While studying in the capital, my friends visited my hometown so I prepared a guide to ensure they had an enjoyable stay. After that, I prepared a trip for anthropology students of a Canadian university full of academic and recreational activities. I found that arranging things like accommodations and restaurant reservations was fun and easy for me.

Centro Habana. It's a very Cuban neighborhood where buildings are resistant to time and overpopulation. There's music in the houses, people talking in the corners, and spontaneity and solidarity can be breathed.

Everything that offers the opportunity to discover real Cuban culture. For me what's important is the music, history, arts, and dance, and all these together define the daily behavior of Cubans. Much has been said about the rare mixture that makes up our country, and I would like help to create a unique experience for those who visit Cuba.

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