I have a serious case of FOMO. I'm always looking for the next event or party, whether it's a Tuesday or a Saturday, there is always something happening in Havana and I'm there. From art galleries to clubs to bars to electronic parties, I always know where to go, sometimes it's just me, my guitar, friends, rum and the Malecón

In the beginning just meeting tourists randomly at parties and venues. I found myself answering their many questions and giving them tips was how everything started. Basically, through word of mouth people started asking me to plan their trips.

My favorite I spot in Cuba is a Eco-hostel located in "Topes de Collantes" nearby Trinidad. It's made of wood cabins with two floors on the side of a hill. It has a natural pool with water coming from the source of a small river. I could never grow tired of it.

I enjoy when someone asks me what to do during the weekend, cause almost every time I know the best stuff going on. Parties, events, road trips, hiking and in general showing my country the way I see it is one of the things I enjoy the most.

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