My friends and family tell me I’m a unique person—as rare as a dinosaur, they say. I’m only me, always trying to find the silver lining, and give back as much as I can. To me, the greatest thing about traveling is living new experiences, sharing with locals, eating food, getting lost in the streets, finding all the things you can sense but not see.

Traveling is my favorite way to learn. It could be me traveling or welcoming travelers into my country and exchanging experiences.

Baracoa and Camaguey city. Baracoa for the richness of the nature and the naivety of the people—it is the place in Cuba in where visitors can be close to the very first inhabitants of the island and their customs—and Camaguey because you feel like you’re in a real town, not touristy, filled with art, tradition, and traditional food as well.

Those in which travelers are interested in outdoor activities and culture.

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