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ViaHero · October 18, 2018

ViaHero has helped literally thousands of travelers plan unforgettable trips to Cuba. Local Heroes give expert advice and insider recommendations that travelers can’t get anywhere else. Find out what travelers think of ViaHero in their own words.

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Travelers to Cuba Loved Off-the-Beaten-Path Recommendations and Attention to Detail

"Elvy is an amazingly kind, efficient and well organized trip planner. I contacted him only a few days before my very unplanned trip to Cuba. He was so helpful in organizing last minute tours, answering questions and assisting in making my holiday as amazing as possible. He always responded promptly, which is not easy in a country where internet access is not readily available. He organized my airport pickup and I was pleasantly surprised when a beautiful old vintage car arrived." - Nicky, traveler to Cuba with our Hero Elvy

“She [Lisbet] was very informative and communicated everything on time and professionally. We also had to move our itinerary for a future date due to hurricanes and she handled the situation very well and was able to keep all of our reservations in place.” - Joy, traveler to Cuba with our travel planner Lisbet

"Thank you so much for an amazing experience. Getting to stay with Profesora Dora and tutoring from Profesora Narcy were so helpful. Our walks through Old Havana and the weekend trip to Playa Larga were incredible. Visiting Bicky and Cojimar gave me new insights into forms of development in Cuba. I look forward to continuing discussions with you about my next trip with students in March." - Steve, traveler to Cuba with our Hero Lisa

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"Laura Catana was such a wonderful hero! She was really great at getting suggestions to me before making the final itinerary and taking all of my opinions/thoughts into consideration. The itinerary she made was perfect and SO helpful. It was great to just have everything lined up for his when we got there and have something to guide us along each way. She also gave some really great tips for places that even locals didn't know of! We had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend her to anyone traveling to Cuba!" - Jessica, traveler to Cuba with our travel planner Laura

“He [Maurice] was able to listen to my preferences and diligently planned a detailed itinerary that hit all of my desires. Highly recommended - 10 golden stars for this gem!” - Jess, traveler to Cuba with our travel planner Maurice

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ViaHero Reviews in the Press

“Perhaps you’d like to visit an out of the way restaurant or smoke a unique cigar. Perhaps you’d like to take part in native dances or infiltrate a foreign government at a classy cocktail party. ViaHero, a new app that lets locals help plan your trips abroad, can help.” - ViaHero lets locals plan your trips abroad, TechCrunch

“ViaHero’s model is also affordable, as little as $400 for a week in Havana — plus a $25-a-day trip-planning fee — compared with group tours charging $5,000 for a week.” - New Trump rules on Cuba travel leaves winners and losers, Associated Press

“SkiftTake: We’re normally weary of trip-planning startups but in the case of Cuba it’s totally necessary to plan a trip to the country this way. There are multiple moving parts involved in a Cuba trip that require expert knowledge before you even step foot on the ground and it’ll be interesting to see if another entrepreneurs see opportunities in tourism to Cuba.” - 5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers Get to New and Unknown Destinations, Skift

“Your personally assigned local “Hero” will recommend an itinerary for your trip, and will tailor it upon request if you have suggestions or concerns. ViaHero says 75 percent of proceeds go directly to the locals they employ, and the company is hoping to expand soon to other destinations. The local help and low price point make it the perfect millennial travel option.” - 10 Trips Millennial Travelers Will Love, SmarterTravel

“It was amazing; we had the entire trip planned,” she [Lynne Bangsund] said. Not only did they get to see sights they wouldn't otherwise have known about, Bangsund said the pair felt like they had an edge over other travelers. As they made their way around Havana, they encountered other tourists at restaurants. “They would be waiting, but we had all our reservations planned ahead of time.” -Pittsburgh startup ViaHero personalizes travel, TribLIVE

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From Joy, traveler to Cuba with our travel planner Lisbet:

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From Samantha, who is currently working on travel to Cuba with our travel planner Fidel:

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