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When Can I Travel to Cuba?

Updated June 29, 2020

When can I travel to Cuba? We’re also longing for Cuba’s beaches, color, and fantastic cocktails. So...when can we travel to Cuba again? 

In case you didn’t know—yes, Americans can travel to Cuba! Under normal circumstances working with ViaHero is an easy way to travel to Cuba legally.

What’s it like in Cuba right now? 

Cuba, like most places around the world, has instituted new rules to keep people healthy. Cubans can only leave home when necessary and must wear face masks. 

In some ways, the country is well-equipped to combat the coronavirus. Cuba has universal health care and a high ratio of doctors-to-population. In fact, many Cuban doctors are going overseas to treat the coronavirus in other countries.

So...when can I travel to Cuba? 

Havana When Can I Travel to Cuba

When will it be safe to travel to Cuba

Hopefully soon! Here's the latest: 

June 16th: Cuba has slowly started to reopen. Tourists can visit the Cuban keys, although they cannot visit the main island. Visitors will have to take a coronavirus test upon arrival. 

However, travel to Havana is still restricted. This is especially relevant for Americans, for whom travel is restricted to the Havana airport. The US Embassy in Havana reports that the airport is set to open on August 1st, at the earliest. 

The U.S. State Department has issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for all international travel. This strongly recommends that Americans avoid international travel.

How can I plan a safe (future) trip to Cuba?

Generally, Cuba is a safe place to visit. And we totally understand if you’re ready to plan your whole trip—you’re ready to figure out where to stay, what to do, and how to get around

Working with a Cuban local isn’t just a way to travel to Cuba legally—it also helps you to see a side of Cuba that most tourists miss.  

Don’t give up on your Cuba travel dreams. Work with a local in Cuba to help jumpstart your Cuba trip.



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