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Cheap Flights to Iceland: How to Find Them Easily

May 17, 2018

Finding a cheap flight to Iceland is a cinch! Two budget airlines specialize in flights to Iceland and other airlines have fare sales to Iceland often. It just takes a little bit of searching and knowing where to look because flight aggregator sites don’t always include search results from budget airlines and you don’t want to miss out on the best deal.

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Cheap flights from the U.S. with WOW Air

WOW Air offers a flight from the United States to Iceland for as little as $99 each way. The cheapest flights are WOW Basic, which includes your flight only and you can only bring on one personal item. For roughly $100 more each way, WOW Plus tickets include a carry-on, checked bag, and cancellation insurance in addition to the flight and personal item. If you know you’re going to be bringing a lot of luggage or camping gear, the WOW Plus ticket is the way to go.

If you want to go all out, spring for the WOW Biz ticket to get an in-flight meal, extra leg room, and priority boarding. If you don’t get WOW Biz, bring snacks and drinks with you. You may also pre-order a meal for an additional fee or purchase food during the flight.  If you’re traveling in a group, buy WOW Basic tickets and share a few checked bags between you instead of checking a bag each. Since it costs $50 each way to check a bag, the savings can add up for a large group.

iceland ice landscape

Look for low fares with IcelandAir

IcelandAir offers roundtrip flights to Iceland starting around $500. Prices aren’t as cheap as WOW Air for the most part, but IcelandAir flies from more cities in the U.S. than WOW does so depending on where you live you might just be paying for the convenience of departing from your home airport. Also, all ticket levels from the most basic ticket in Economy Class Special include at least one checked bag each way without an additional fee.

Double-check for deals at Kiwi.com

Kiwi is one of the flight aggregator sites that includes flight information for both WOW Air and IcelandAir as well as hundreds of other airlines. So even if you find a great deal with WOW or IcelandAir on the independent airline website, double check at Kiwi to make sure there isn’t a better deal if you travel on a combination of airlines like taking WOW one way and Norwegian or SAS the other way. 

Travel in shoulder season or off-season

You’ll find the cheapest flights to Iceland during the shoulder season and off-season. Shoulder season is April to May and then again in September and October. Winter is considered the off season even though it’s a wonderful time to travel to Iceland and the only time of year that you can do certain activities like ice caving. If traveling in the winter means great deals and unique experiences, we say, sign us up! 

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