Iceland in July

ViaHero · May 17, 2018

Visit Iceland in July and get ready to soak up the famous Midnight Sun! Similar to June, July is another very busy tourist month in Iceland.  Between the clear skies and stunning vistas, we can't blame anyone for wanting to visit! Read all of our top tips for visiting Iceland in July; once you do, message us with any questions.

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Here are some top tips for visiting Iceland in July

  • Benefits of visiting Iceland in July: 
  • Roads in the Central Highlands are officially open! Enjoy (some) sunny days!
  • See the beauty of Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon in the sunlight.
  • Better road conditions for long road trips.
  • So. Many. Music. Festivals. 
  • See twice as many things as you can see in the winter (double the daylight)!
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Daylight in Iceland in July

Although the longest day of the year has already passed (in June), days in July are still extremely long. At the beginning of the month, the sun rises around 3:00 AM, and sets around Midnight (around 21 hours of daylight).  By the end of the month, the sun rises at 4:30 AM, and sets around 10:30 PM (18 hours of daylight). 

Average Temperatures in Iceland in July

Weather in Iceland in July is very similar to the weather in June. While the country never gets "hot," summer is the best time for consistent, sunny weather. The average temperature rests around 55°F (13°C).  While highs can sometimes sneak into the low 60s (15°C), the temperature rarely rises much higher than that.  

Holidays and festivals in Iceland in July

  • Jökulmílan Glacier Century Ride - July 2nd: 100 mile bike ride along the coast of Iceland, passing through lava fields, small fishermen villages, bird life sanctuaries and Snæfellsjökull National Park 
  • Bræðslan Music Festival 
  • French Days in Fáskrúðsfjörður: Because Fráskrúðsfjörður has a strong connection to French sailors, and French culture, the town has held a French culture festival every July since 1996.  
  • Eistnaflug Music Festival - Heavy rock and metal music festival in the town of Neskaupstaður
  • Folk Music Festival in Siglufjordur - July 5th through the 9th: Festival of Icelandic and Scandinavian folk music, as well as world music and folk dances.
  • Gásir Medieval Days - July 14th through the 16th: Every July in the old medieval trading site of Gásir, a medieval trading area is re-created. The interactive medieval market event has daily demonstrations in medieval crafts and games.
  • LungA Art Festival - July 16th through the 23rd: Art and culture festival held in Seydisfjordur annually.
  • KEXport: Block party that takes place in the back alley of KEX Hostel
  • Reykholt Chamber Music Festival - last weekend in July: Festival of concerts, lectures, meetings and mass.

Guide to Iceland has a comprehensive list of festivals across the country for each month. 

iceland july music festivals guide

Activities in Iceland in July

  • Long, beautiful hikes. Wake Up Reykjavik blog has a great post with a list of suggested hikes for July
  • Tour the Central Highlands: The central part of Iceland is only accessible during the summer months - winter weather leaves the roads inaccessible.  Even though the area is now open, only those with prior extreme off-road driving experience should attempt to navigate this area on their own. A local can help you find and plan a suitable tour for this area. 
  • Rafting
  • Whale watching: Whales come through Iceland in April, but peak watching season is June - August.  
  • Enjoy ice cream from the plethora of local shops (a national favorite pastime).
  • Stay out late soaking up Reykjavik's vibrant night life.

As June and July are very similar months in Iceland, check out our June in Iceland guide for tips on what to do this time of year! 

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