How to Add an Iceland Layover to Your Trip

Iceland sits on the continental divide between Europe and North America. When you fly between the two continents, many flight paths cross over Iceland. A few airlines have taken advantage of this geographical fact and allow you to add a stopover to your trip at no extra airfare charge. You just pay for your travel expenses for a few hours or up to seven days.  Here are the details on how to do it with Icelandair and WOW Air.

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Icelandair Stopover - Buddy Program


Essential Details:

- You can take a stopover on any flight between Europe and North America.
- You can do it going one or both directions on a roundtrip ticket or purchase a one-way ticket with a stopover.

How to Book:

When you purchase tickets via the Icelandair website you can select Round Trip, One Way, or Icelandair Stopover when you begin your flight search. Choose Icelandair Stopover and you’ll be led step by step through the process, which works just like booking any other plane ticket. You can stay in Iceland for up to seven days without any additional fees for your flight between the US and Europe.


Buddy Program:

Icelandair also offers a fun, free service for your layover: the Buddy Program. The airline pairs you up with an airline employee to serve as your buddy/tour guide based on your interests. You get a full day with your buddy included in the price of your plane ticket. After you’ve booked your ticket, go to to request a Buddy.


WOW Air Stopover


Essential Details:

- You can take a stopover on any roundtrip flight between Europe and North America.
- You can choose a stopover for either your outgoing or incoming flight, not both.
- You cannot book a stopover with a one-way ticket.

How To Book:

You must choose the stopover when you book your roundtrip plane ticket. When you’re searching for your flight, choose the STOPOVER option instead of ROUND TRIP. Then choose your departure city, final destination, and travel dates as normal. You’ll be able to choose between one to seven days in Iceland on your stopover. Press SEARCH FLIGHTS and you’ll see a list of your three flights so you can confirm dates and prices. Press continue to complete your booking as you would any other plane tickets, and you’ve successfully booked a long layover in Iceland.


Have more questions about your stop over in Iceland? Here is a list of local Iceland Travel Experts who can help you or you can message us any questions you have.



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