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6 Airbnbs in Japan You Need to See

October 21, 2018

Traveling to Japan in style? You must see these beautiful Airbnbs that YOU can stay in on your trip. 

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Local tip: don't feel the need to *only* use Airbnb in Japan. There are a ton of amazing accommodation options available on booking.com as well!

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#1: The Secluded Spa

Location: Hakone-Yumoto


Sleeps: 10

Best part: The outdoor spa


#2: Mountain View Modern

Location: Niseko-Hirafu village


Sleeps: 10

Best part: Views of Mt Yotei


#3: The Mediterranean Beach Villa

Location: Izu Peninsula

Price: $420/night

Sleeps: 4

Best part: View of the  Izu Shimoda sea


#4: The Modern Traditional 

Location: Kyoto

Price: $443/night

Sleeps: 5

Best part: Central Kyoto location


#5: The Zebra House

Location: Outside of Osaka

Price: $98/night

Sleeps: 8

Best part: The price!


#6: Modern Beach Mansion


Location: Okinawa

Price: $270/night

Sleeps: 12

Best part: The price... and being able to see the ocean from every room


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