Is there Uber in Japan in 2019?

ViaHero · January 28, 2019

Traveling to Japan is easy. And even though Uber isn’t super popular, thanks to Japan’s variety of convenient transportation methods, traveling around the country is even easier—find out how below. Any questions? Drop us a line.

Going to Japan? Experience it like a local.

Yes, there is Uber… kinda

While Japan does have Uber, it’s not super well-known and it’s definitely not the most convenient option when it comes to traveling around bigger places in Japan, namely cities like Kyoto or Tokyo.

It’s primarily used for airport pickups and dropoffs

Most people traveling to Japan only really use Uber for airport trips. So if you’re thinking about your Japan travel budget, it’s lucrative to save Uber for lengthier drives and stick to regular taxi services for shorter trips. You can also book cheap airport trips online.

Cars in the streets at night in Japan

But it’s pretty scarce and pricey

Ubers in Japan are few and costly, which might explain why they’re not exactly a crowd favorite. Uber is pretty much only found in the capital and our Heroes living there can tell you that it doesn’t stand much a chance since Tokyo already has cheaper and more efficient transportation.

Standard taxis are your best bet for inner city travel

Traveling in Tokyo is made easy with a variety of options. There is an underground metro system that provides rapid transit, but most people use taxis to get around. It’s an easy, convenient option, especially if it’s your first time in Tokyo. Talk to one of our travel gurus to figure out what the best travel option is for you.

JapanTaxi App is Uber’s Japanese cousin

Before traveling to Japan, be sure to download the JapanTaxi App. It’s basically Japan’s version of Uber, but it’s fairly new so you might want to ask your personal travel planner about it while planning your trip to Japan,

Streets of Japan uber

The Japanese Railway is great for intercity travel

Pro tip: If you’re planning on hitting up all the best places in Japan, you’re gonna want to get a rail pass. The Japanese Rail Pass—JR Pass for short—is a discounted rail pass for travelers. It’s a must-get for your trip to Japan.

JR Passes can be used on bullet trains

Japanese bullet trains, or Shinkansen in Japanese, aren't just high-speed—they're the fastest in the world. It’s safe to say they’ll take you where you want to go in no time. If this is your first time in Japan, a ride on a bullet train is a uniquely Japanese experience you can’t miss—so make sure to buy a Japanese Rail Pass (discounted tickets just for travelers) and all aboard! You can even buy your JR Pass online before your trip.

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