I'm a national licensed interpreter guide of Japan. I've guided over sixty groups from overseas in the last three years. I've also helped them plan their travel outside of Tokyo. As a native Japanese, I can answer questions about local culture and custom as well as moving around in Japan.

When I travelled to New York several years ago, I participated in a SoHo walking tour by a local guide. It was fun to chat with the locals and I thought I can also help travelers to Japan. I studied for the National Interpreter Guide exam and here I am.

The Japanese dance workshop in Asakusa is offered every Sunday at Asakura Tourist Information Center. Participants wear yukata, a simple cotton kimono, and learn the Japanese dance "Cherry blossoms". They will have a chance to see a professional dancer performs "Wisteria girl" in traditional kimono. The best thing is it's totally free!

I'm good at offering information on first-hand experience of Japanese culture which you can enjoy at free of charge or minimum cost in Tokyo. For example, observatory on the 45th floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, the Imperial East Garden, and fire ritual at a Buddhist Temple - these are all admission free.

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