When I travel, I am all about seeing the country and culture from the local's perspective, and learning what makes a people group unique. I did this during my time living in Japan, and I gained a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. Now, I love helping others do the same!

My husband's job requires us to move often, so once we had to make the move to Japan, I never stopped traveling! I've always had the passion for seeing new places, and have been able to make that a reality the past few years.

It is so hard to choose just one, but I would have to say the Yunessun hot springs resort. It is budget friendly, western style, and off the beaten path (about 2-3 hours from Tokyo). There are almost never tourists, and it is hidden in the mountains of eastern Japan.

Trying the food locals eat, seeing the sights you "can't miss", suggested routes and transportation modes, how to find great shopping (for any budget), cultural activities (onsen, kimono dressing, etc.).

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