Traveling is all about seeing the world's most beautiful things. It's about tasting local cuisine and street food, finding those hidden gems, those beautiful places that few people have seen & giving people an opportunity to experience them, giving them tips & tricks to get there themselves.

I've always loved traveling since I was a child. It used to be trips with the family until later on I tried going out of my comfort zone and trying different outdoor activities and craved adventure. I was and still am addicted to traveling.

There's this alley near Osaka's Namba station filled with stores ranging from ceramics, knives, antiques, stationery, shoes and so much more. At the end of the alley there's an awesome gelateria called Gelateria Rocco. I tasted the most delicious and unique flavors of taro and toasted yam

I enjoy having the best of both worlds. Visiting tourists spots and also exploring the hidden treasures of the city. That way you get the feel of the culture and history of the place & also see how the locals live.

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