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What Reddit Says About Travel to Japan

October 21, 2018

It's no secret that Japan is home to a lot of "oddities" for those not familiar with the culture. Read on for the best of Japan's most culture-shocking elements, as gleaned from Reddit. Afterward, feel free to message us with any questions you have about all things Japan.

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Let's just hit the ground running on this one...

1. You can get dumplings the size of a child (5.6 pounds)

Source: WTF Japan subreddit

2. KitKats are popular in Japan because the popular Japanese phrase "Kittokatsu," which means "You will surely win," sounds like KitKat, and parents started giving them to kids as an encouragement treat 

3. Park entrances have automatic doors

4. Manmade Meteor shower planned for Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Photo: Citycost

Source: City-Cost

5. Parents give their kids to sumo wrestlers to make them cry? 

6. It is encouraged to nap while at work 

Japanese locals sleeping at work
Japanese Locals Sleeping at Work

Source: Telegraph

7. Toilets are fancy... to say the least. 

8. Speaking of toilets, there is an entire museum devoted to them.

Photo: Viralnova

Source: Viralnova

9. Train rides are never dull 

Photo: imgur

Source: Imgur

10. You can order horse sashimi

 Photo:Sora News 42

Source: RocketNews24

11. Vending machines for everything... including bras 

Photo: Kotaku

Source: Kotaku

12. Wendys serves burgers with foie gras and truffles

Photo: LA Times Blog

Source: LA Times

13. Reality TV doesn't look like "The Bachelor"  

14. Samara from "the Ring" plays baseball, apparently 

15. Don't go to Japan without having seen this video...

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