Everyone needs a friend in Japan — right?

Feel empowered by the knowledge gained from a local Hero, and explore confidently and independently. Your invitation is waiting.

What’s a Hero?

Hero (n) – A local expert who uses in-country knowledge and insights to plan your trip. AKA your backstage pass to an incredible travel experience

Do I meet my Hero?

It all happens digitally. Your local Hero works behind the scenes to plan your trip so you’re free to travel independently. If you’d like to hire a guide, your Hero can arrange the best one for you and your budget.

How it works


Match With Your Hero

Share your travel preferences and choose a Hero to plan your trip!


Let The Planning Begin!

Iron out details with your Hero via email. They’ll incorporate existing plans and create your detailed trip.


Travel Independently

Receive your personalized guidebook and custom map in the app— accessible offline.

Why travel with ViaHero?

Local Expertise

Travel confidently and independently, armed with local knowledge from your Hero.

Offline Access

Everything available in an offline app—no wifi or data necessary!

Flat Fee

No kickbacks or commissions. Only pay for the number of days you want planned.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your trip planning service, we will fully refund your order.

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