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Using a Travel Agency to Go to Mexico City: The Pros & Cons

Updated February 27, 2020

Travel agents can help to relieve some trip-planning stress—but working with a travel agent isn’t always the best way to travel to Mexico City.

Here, we look closely at the pros and cons of using a travel agency to go to Mexico City, measured by price, experience, personalization, safety, availability, & authenticity.

#1: Price

Pros: Because travel agents are in the industry, they have connections with hotels, tour groups, and airlines in Mexico City. In theory, this means that they can get you discounted rates on top Mexico City tourist attractions

Cons: However, working with a travel agency means two things: they're working on commission, and you may encounter hidden fees (like travel insurance). Plus, their industry connections mean they'll point you in the same direction as everyone else. 

Ideally, trip planners who aren’t paid commission are the way to go here—especially if they can also help you budget your itinerary.

#2: Experience

Restaurant in Mexico City | Regina Victorica/Unsplash

Pros: Travel agents are experts at trip planning in Mexico City. They'll easily steer you towards CDMX's coolest attractions.

ConsMost travel agents rarely travel to Mexico City themselves. And far fewer actually live there.

When you have a local plan your trip, they can share their experience and personalized recs—as well as point you toward Mexico City's coolest non-touristy activities.

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#3: Personalization

Pros: You'll get some degree of personalization when you work with a travel agent in Mexico City. They'll give you a list of options. 

ConsHowever, this list can be limiting, as it's based on your agents' connections. What to do in Mexico City really depends on your travel style—not a list of pre-approved activities. 

Getting local advice about which places to visit in Mexico City means you'll get to explore the way you want. It's a more flexible (and immersive) way of traveling to CDMX.

#4: Safety

Street food in Mexico City | Carl Campbell/Unsplash

ProsTravel agents will give you well-researched advice on how to stay safe in Mexico City. 

ConsYou simply can't beat on-the-ground updates from people who actually live in Mexico City. When you have a local plan your trip, they'll provide you with tons of safety advice, including which neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City, and what Mexico City landmarks might be less safe after dark.

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#5: Availability

ProsTravel agents will be able to answer all your Mexico City questions as they plan your trip. 

ConsOnce you're on the ground, it might be harder to get in touch. When you work with a local to plan your trip, they're in the same time zone. So they can answer your questions or help if you run into any issues. That makes traveling through Mexico City easy. 

#6: Authenticity

Palacio de Bellas Artes | Carlos Aguilar/Unsplash

Pros: A Mexico City travel agent is, generally, an expert on traveling to Mexico City. 

Cons:  Nothing can replace local knowledge. If your travel agent doesn't live in Mexico City, you'll likely miss out on all the hidden gems and locally beloved spots that make CDMX such a creative, dynamic, and fascinating place. 

"How did I ever not travel like this?! Ana’s local insight & planning was a game changer. It’s like having a digital concierge, travel agent, and local fixer all rolled into one!"
Sierra, recent ViaHero traveler to Portugal
Sierra, recent ViaHero traveler to Portugal

Conclusion: Have a local plan your trip

If you want to see Mexico City like a local—not a tourist—work with one to plan your trip. Locals can create a unique itinerary customized to your interests and budget. 

By working with a local to plan your trip, you'll know where to eat in Mexico City—they gave you a list of their favorite restaurants. You'll understand how to use the metro—because they provided detailed transit instructions. And you'll feel comfortable in whatever neighborhood you chose—because it matches your travel style. 

Welcome to traveling in Mexico City like a local. 

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