When’s The Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico in 2019?

ViaHero · January 25, 2019

While there’s no bad time to travel to Puerto Rico, there are definitely certain things you should consider when planning your trip. Here’s everything you need to know to find the best time to visit—including info on weather, price differences, festival dates, and seasonal changes. Any questions? Message us.

Want to explore Puerto Rico differently? Have a local plan your trip.

Weather-wise, it’s always summer

Summer is why it's the best time to visit Puerto Rico

The beautiful weather is a big reason why traveling to Puerto Rico is so simple. Temperatures on the coast average 85°F, cooling off by a few degrees the closer you get to the central mountain—so it’s super easy to plan a trip year-round. Puerto Rico’s rainy season lasts from May to October, which seems like a long time—but the showers usually don’t last more than 30 minutes. Since the sun shines 9 hours a day, the ocean waters are almost always perfect swimming temperatures (81°F).

Hurricanes are most likely from June to November

Hurricanes are common in the tropics, and Puerto Rico isn’t immune. The good news is that your odds of experiencing a hurricane are extremely low—although Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria in 2017, the last time the island experienced that severe of a storm was in 1931 (almost 80 years ago!). Plus, hurricanes come with weeks of warning, so you don’t need to worry about being stranded by a storm.

Pro tip: Parts of Puerto Rico are still recovering from Hurricane Maria, but the island is rebuilding quickly and is completely safe to visit right now. For more information, check out this update on Puerto Rico tourism.

Off-peak season is the cheapest for airfare

Puerto Rico’s tourist season is divided into two parts—peak (December to May) and off-peak (June to November). Off-peak season is a little rainier, but not by much; if you’re trying to take a cheap trip to Puerto Rico, it’s definitely a good time to go. The off-peak season also means experiencing the best places to visit in Puerto Rico with fewer crowds.

Massive festivals occur at least once a month in major cities.

Puerto Rico has a fantastic festival calendar, with celebrations going year-round. Best of all, entry to most festivals is free. From San Juan’s Culinary Fest in August to the islandwide Three Kings’ Day in January, the odds are that you’ll be able to celebrate Puerto Rican holidays with friendly locals. Don’t miss a moment of the party—make sure to have a local travel planner build your Puerto Rico itinerary around a fiesta or two.

Small towns offer fun weekly events—no shortage of things to do!

The towns are why is why it's the best time to visit Puerto Rico

Whether you go to coastal towns or mountainside villages, some of the coolest things to do in Puerto Rico are found in small neighborhoods. Weekly events like Rincon’s famous farmers’ market are the ideal way to see Puerto Rico like a local. For a really special experience, ask a local expert to look up towns that have fiestas patronales, religious festivals of patron saints that occur year-round—complete with lots of dancing, drinking, and feasting.

Beaches are least crowded in November and December

It’s no secret that Puerto Rico’s beaches are drop-dead gorgeous, putting them in high demand among vacationers. If you’re headed to popular vacation spots like Culebra or Rincon, consider going in November or December (right before peak season) for lighter crowds. This season also brings some of PR’s best places to stay to rock-bottom prices.

Some of Puerto Rico’s most incredible natural wonders are seasonal

When you’re scouting things to do in Puerto Rico, make sure to check if attractions have seasonal availability. For example, you’ll only be able to see sea turtles nesting in Rincon and Cabo Rojo from April to June, and hiking through the massive Camuy Caves is most pleasant in the summer (caves are chilly, and Puerto Rico is hot, hot, hot). Since tropical natural wonders are one of the main reasons to travel to Puerto Rico, planning ahead is a must.

Visitors can easily find delicious traditional foods all year round

The food is is why it's the best time to visit Puerto Rico

The island’s amazing food is by far one of the best parts of traveling to Puerto Rico. Not just the home of delectable food and drinks—think slow-roasted pork, fried plantains, and piña coladas—PR is also a huge producer of a wide range of fruits and veggies that grow year round. Essentially, everything is always in season.

Pro tip: Concerned about food allergies, sensitivities, or diets? Have a local trip planner translate your specific needs into Spanish—they’ll also recommend specific restaurants that cater to your needs.

Awesome excursions are available year-round—but book in advance

Puerto Rico is packed with amazing activities—snorkeling, scuba diving, coffee tasting, tubing, hiking, and much more. When browsing tours, keep 2 key things in mind: (1) is the tour guide legit (Puerto Rico is really safe, but it’s always good to make sure ), and (2) if the tour should be booked in advance.

Pro tip: Skip the hassle of trying to research and book excursions from the mainland—have a local trip planner do it for you.

Right now is the safest that Puerto Rico has ever been

As with the majority of heavily-traveled areas, Puerto Rico’s main issue is petty theft (think pickpocketing). By using your street smarts and being aware of your surroundings—especially around tourist attractions—you’ll be absolutely fine. PR is a great destination for solo female travelers and even young families—crime-wise, the island is actually safer than many US states.

Pro tip: The easiest way to sightsee in Puerto Rico is by rental car or Uber (especially if you’re traveling around San Juan) since there isn’t much by way of public transportation.

Since Puerto Rico is packed with incredible things to do all year, the best time to visit Puerto Rico is ASAP! Get started with a local tip planner (aka a Hero)—they’ll work with you to create the Puerto Rican adventure of a lifetime, complete with 24/7 phone support. Basically, they’ll do everything but pack your bags. Any questions? Send us a message, then check out more insider travel tips: