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When’s the Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico in 2024?

Updated September 11, 2023

Honestly, the best time to visit Puerto Rico depends on you. The island is fantastic all year round! Whatever experience you're chasing, here's what you need to know about the weather, price differences, festival dates, and more. 

No matter when you go to Puerto Rico work with an island local to plan your trip. Our locals in Puerto Rico will design a safe trip away from the crowds—full of up-to-date info you might not find online. Learn more.

When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico?

Condado beach | Cristian Escobar/Unsplash

Puerto Rico is pretty fantastic to visit all year round. Temperatures on the coast average 85°F, cooling off by a few degrees the closer you get to the central mountain—so it’s super easy to plan a trip year-round.

Most people chose to visit in the winter—Puerto Rico's sunny weather provides a perfect escape. But the best time to visit may be in the springtime when the peak season crowds have subsided, hotel prices have lowered, and the weather is mild. 

Puerto Rico’s rainy season lasts from May to October, which seems like a long time—but the showers usually don’t last more than 30 minutes. Since the sun shines nine hours a day, the ocean waters are almost always perfect swimming temperatures (81°F).

What about the COVID pandemic?

Most COVID restrictions have been lifted in Puerto Rico. Travelers from the US don’t need any documentation - it’s similar to traveling between states. 

Masks are recommended anywhere you can’t guarantee the vaccination status of those around you and on public transportation but are not required. Keep in mind that Individual businesses can implement their own masking and vaccine rules, so be prepared by packing masks and your vaccination card. 

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We know what you're thinking—but hurricanes are only likely from June to November

Hurricanes are common in the tropics, and Puerto Rico isn’t immune. Hurricane season lasts from June to November.

The good news is that your odds of experiencing a hurricane are extremely low. Although Puerto Rico was hit hard by category 4 Hurricane Maria in 2017, the last time the island experienced a storm that severe was in 1931. The most recent hurricane to hit the island, Hurricane Fiona, made landfall as a category one storm. And while it caused significant damage, it was far less than Hurricane Maria. 

Parts of Puerto Rico are still recovering from Hurricane Fiona, but much of the island is open and is safe to visit right now. For more information, check out our Puerto Rico tourism update. Or, better yet, talk to one of our travel planners in Puerto Rico.

You can save money on travel during the offseason

Puerto Rico’s tourist season is divided into two parts—peak (December to May) and off-peak (June to November).

Off-peak season is a little rainier, but not by much. So, if you’re trying to take a cheap trip to Puerto Rico, it’s definitely a good time to go. Plus, traveling during the offpeak season also means you can check out the best places to visit in Puerto Rico with fewer crowds.

Locals tell us that you'll find cool things to do in Puerto Rico all year round, and traveling in the offseason is a great opportunity to get some local advice. Our trip planners tell us that you can enjoy weekly events like Rincon’s farmers’ market all year. 

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Massive festivals occur at least once a month in major cities.

Puerto Rico has a fantastic festival calendar. Best of all, locals tell us you can enjoy most festivals for free.

From San Juan’s Culinary Fest in August to the islandwide Three Kings’ Day in January, the odds are that you’ll be able to celebrate Puerto Rican holidays with friendly locals. Benefit from local insights—our trip planners can build your Puerto Rico itinerary around a fiesta or two.

Local Tip:

 Fiestas patronales are religious festivals of patron saints that occur year-round, complete with lots of dancing, drinking, and feasting.

Want a beach to yourself? Visit in November or December

Puerto Rico’s beaches are beautiful—and the world knows it. If you’re headed to popular vacation spots like Culebra or Rincon, locals suggest going in November or December (right before peak season) for lighter crowds. You can also find some great deals on PR’s best places to stay during the winter season.

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Sierra, recent ViaHero traveler to Portugal

Some of Puerto Rico’s most incredible natural wonders are seasonal

Cueva Ventana | 975311/Pixabay

Locals advise that some things to do in Puerto Rico have seasonal availability.

For example, you’ll only be able to see sea turtles nesting in Rincon and Cabo Rojo from April to June, and hiking through the massive Camuy Caves is most pleasant in the summer (caves are chilly, and Puerto Rico is hot, hot, hot).

Whatever your reason to travel to Puerto Rico, getting some local insight as you plan can be valuable—our trip planners will let you know about their most beloved seasonal attractions!

You can enjoy delicious traditional foods all year round

The island’s amazing food is by far one of the best parts of traveling to Puerto Rico. Locals rave about the selection of slow-roasted pork, fried plantains, and piña coladas—not to mention incredible locally-grown coffee. 

When it comes to food, you definitely don't want to travel blind. Our trip planners will let you know about farmers' markets, locally-loved restaurants, and which dish to order first.

Incredible excursions are available year-round—but book in advance

Puerto Rico is packed with fantastic activities—locals rave that the island offers opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, coffee tasting, tubing, hiking, and more. When browsing tours, keep two key things in mind: (1) is the tour guide legit (Puerto Rico is really safe, but it’s always good to make sure ), and (2) if the tour should be booked in advance.

When you have a local plan your trip, they can help with questions like these.

Local Tip:

The Spoon Food Tour in San Juan is fun and free. It focuses on locally-owned restaurants that prioritize local ingredients. 

Puerto Rico is safe to visit

San Juan | Tatiana Rodriguez/Unsplash

As with the majority of heavily-traveled areas, Puerto Rico’s main issue is petty theft (think pickpocketing). Locals say that by using your street smarts and being aware of your surroundings—especially around tourist attractions—you’ll be absolutely fine. PR is a great destination for solo female travelers and even young families—crime-wise, the island is actually safer than many US states.

Local Tip:

The easiest way to sightsee in Puerto Rico is by rental car or Uber (especially if you’re traveling around San Juan).

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